Rice Undergraduate Finance

Educating the Financial Leaders of Tomorrow

Our Mission:

The Rice Undergraduate Finance Club works to provide a practical and goal-oriented introduction to the world of finance and financial management. We seek to equip students with the financial knowledge and business acumen to succeed in the finance industry upon graduation.

We offer students an unrivaled opportunity to manage a portion of the University's endowment, to invest as a team, and to learn truly by doing. We manage real investments and all decisions are made collectively. This emphasis on cooperation and communication shapes the foundation of everything we do.

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How to Get Involved

Undergraduates interested in Rice Finance can get involved simply by attending a club meeting or event. Check our events page for a regularly updated calendar. When you're ready to sign-up for our email list, head over to our students page and fill out the form near the bottom.

Alumni and benefactors interested in donating to the fund or speaking at one of our events should contact the club directly at: ricefinancegroup@gmail.com

We also encourage anyone interested in learning more about involvment opportunities for donors and benefactors by visitng our donors page.