For Students

Rice Undergraduate Finance

Why join?

Are you considering a career in finance?
Do you want to learn more about business or economics?
Do you just want to make money?

Rice Finance offers undergraduates the chance to invest real money in real businesses and commodities. No other club on campus offers the same opportunity to make money while simultaneously connecting members with experienced upperclassmen, alumni, and finance experts from around the country.

Rice Finance is open to any undergraduate, regardless of experience. You don't even have to know whether or not you intend to pursue finance in the future. All that you need is a desire to learn, and a bit of free time. Whether you hope to gain skills to better manage your own money, or you hope to invest for a living, Rice Finance can be your starting place.

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How to Get Involved

Undergraduates can joing our mailing list by signing up with the form below. Our mailing list is the best source of information regarding club events and the process of joining.